Download e-book for iPad: Carbonate Platforms: Facies, Sequences and Evolution (IAS by Maurice E. Tucker, James Lee Wilson, Paul D. Crevello, J.

By Maurice E. Tucker, James Lee Wilson, Paul D. Crevello, J. Rick Sarg, J. Fred Read

ISBN-10: 0632027584

ISBN-13: 9780632027583

This quantity additionally discusses the pc modelling of carbonate cycles and series research. it will turn out a useful textual content for senior undergraduate and postgraduate scholars within the earth sciences in most cases and also will be of price to the pro researcher. Carbonate structures includes contributions from a world authorship and the quantity has been edited by way of essentially the most revered names within the earth sciences. components lined comprise; early rifting deposition; examples from carbonate sequences of Sardinia (Cambrian) and Tuscany ( Triassic-Jurassic), Italy; geometry and evolution of platform-margin bioclastic shoals, overdue Dinantian (Mississippian), Derbyshire, united kingdom; cyclic sedimentation in cabonate and combined carbonate/clastic environments; 4 simulation courses for a laptop machine; heart Triassic carbonate ramp structures within the Catalan foundation, N.E. Spain; facies, cycles, depositional sequencies and controls; phases within the evolution of overdue Triassic and Jurassic platform carbonates; western margin of the Subalpine basin, Ardech, France. The formation and drowning of remoted carbonate structures; tectonic and ecologic regulate of the Northern Apennines; controls on top Jurassic carbonate building up improvement within the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal; Hauterivian to reduce Aptian carbonate shelf sedimentation and series stratigraphy within the Jura and northerly Subalpine chains (southeastern France and Swiss Jura); basement structural controls on Mesozoic carbonate facies in northeastern Mexico; the Aptian-Albian carbonate episode of the Basque-Cantabrian foundation (Northern Spain); normal features, controls and evolution; reaction of the Arabian carbonate platform margin slope to orogenic last of an ocean basin, Cretaceous, Oman,

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R. , BAMBACH, R . K . , BARTON, C . , VAN DER Voo, R. M. (1979) Paleozoic base maps. J. Geol. 87 , 217-277. VAI, G . B . & CocozzA, T. (1986) Tentative schematic zonation of the Hercynian chain in Italy. Bull. Soc. Geol. France 2, 95- 1 14. L. (1975) Carbonate Facies in Geologic History, Springer Verlag, New York, p. 740. Spec. Pubis int. Ass. Sediment. (1990) 9, 39-54 Geometry and evolution of platform-margin bioclastic shoals, late Dinantian (Mississippian), Derbyshire, UK R. L . G A WT H O R P E* and P.

During the Rhaetian the western La Spezia basin, deepened and radiolarian-rich limestones were de- posited (Portovenere Member). To the east of the persistent oolitic margin of the Grezzoni Dolomite the subsident sabkha system was replaced by a confined, metahaline lagoon (Rhaetavicula contorta beds), eastward (Monte Cetona) rimmed by a low­ relief margin built by encrusting organisms. The occurrence of this margin suggests the individual development of an eastern, probably shallow-water negative zone during this time that at present is not exposed for structural reasons.

Microfacies Microfacies 2 No Data · : :. : [J lii§] ·· .. · : . · :: . · . ·. ·. <_-. Microfacies 3 Microfacies 4 Covered Section Fig. 9. Examples of microfacies distributions in shoal sequences. (a) Pin Dale (SK159822). (b) Sequence 3, Hope Cement Works Quarry (SK159820). Note the dominance of grainstones and packstones (microfacies 1 and 2) in the clinoforms and the occurrence of wackestones in parallel bedded carbonates above and below the shoal sequence boundaries and in onlapping sub-sequences (see Figs 4 and 6 for the location of sequence and sub-sequence boundaries).

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Carbonate Platforms: Facies, Sequences and Evolution (IAS Special Publication 9) by Maurice E. Tucker, James Lee Wilson, Paul D. Crevello, J. Rick Sarg, J. Fred Read

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