Download e-book for iPad: C++ Boost Graph Library by Laj-Kvan Li, Endryu Lamsdejn Dzheremi Sik

By Laj-Kvan Li, Endryu Lamsdejn Dzheremi Sik

ISBN-10: 5469003523

ISBN-13: 9785469003526

Izdanie, yavlyayuscheesya perevodom odnoj iz knig serii "C++ in Depth", posvyascheno opisaniyu develop Graph Library (BGL) - biblioteki dlya postroeniya struktur dannykh i algoritmov vychislenij na grafakh, prednaznachennykh dlya resheniya samykh raznoobraznykh zadach: ot optimizatsii internet-marshrutizatsii i planirovaniya telefonnykh setej do zadach molekulyarnoj biologii. Soderzhit razvernutoe opisanie BGL, demonstriruet primery prilozhenij okay real'nym zadacham. Pervaya chast' yavlyaetsya polnym rukovodstvom pol'zovatelya, nachinaetsya s vvedeniya ponyatij teorii grafov, terminologii i opisaniya obobschennykh algoritmov na grafakh, znakomit pol'zovatelya so vsemi osnovnymi vozmozhnostyami biblioteki BGL. Vtoraya chast' - polnoe spravochnoe rukovodstvo, soderzhit dokumentatsiyu ko vsem kontseptsiyam BGK, ee algoritmam i klassam.

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4 where program logic can be used to deduce that synchronization is unnecessary. 8 State Transitions Yet another application of mutex blocks is to implement 'state transitions' - the mutex ensures that the transition from one state to the next is complete before another thread can take control. A transition is initiated by some stimulus, then decisions are made, actions are executed and finally a new state is entered - the old state, the type of stimulus and the decision process all combine to determine the actions chosen and the new state.

Inter-thread communication can be used simply to transfer information or 46 Multi-Threaded Programming in C++ alternatively to allow one thread to control the actions of another - typically the communication occurs via shared data within the process environment with mutex protection required to prevent corruption and so enable reliable interaction between the threads. Mutex protection is also invaluable whenever a thread is updating the state of an application - in this situation some stimulus causes the thread to take various decisions and, depending upon the outcome, it will then execute certain actions and make a transition from the old state to some new state.

WAIT_TIMEOUT); The second parameter to Wai tForSingleObj ect () specifies a timeout period after which the function will return if it fails to acquire the mutex - for the blocking function the timeout is infinite whilst for the non-blocking function it is zero. 12 Summary Synchronization primitives allow a program to manage the unpredictability introduced by the scheduler as it allocates processor time first to one thread and then another - in particular, a mutex prevents one thread from being interrupted by another whilst it is executing a block of code protected by the mutex.

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