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By David W. Cameron, Colin P. Groves

ISBN-10: 0121569330

ISBN-13: 9780121569334

Bones, Stones and Molecules presents the very best facts for resolving the controversy among the 2 hypotheses of human origins. the talk among the 'Out of Africa' version and the 'Multiregional' speculation is tested in the course of the useful and developmental strategies linked to the evolution of the human cranium and face and specializes in the importance of the Australian list. The booklet analyzes very important new discoveries that experience happened lately and examines proof that's not on hand in different places. Cameron and Groves argue that the prevailing proof helps a contemporary foundation for contemporary people from Africa. additionally they in particular relate those theories to interpretations of the origins of the 1st Australians. The booklet presents an up to date interpretation of the fossil, archaeological and the molecular proof, in particular because it pertains to Asia, and Australia specifically.

* effortlessly obtainable to the layperson and professional
* offers concise insurance of present medical evidence
* offers a powerful computer-generated version of human speciation over the past 7 million years
* good illustrated with figures and pictures of vital fossil specimens
* provides a synthesis of significant ape and human evolution

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Goodness me. Duane Gish, like Jack Cuozzo, believes that Neanderthalers and their ilk are “descendants of post-Flood man” because the deposits in which they have been found are Pleistocene, “believed to be post-Flood” (by whom? Ah yes, we forgot: by Gish). ), because Noah, from whom we are all to have descended, had access to “ocean-liner technology” (so said John Mackay in 1984). Peoples who today use (or until recently have been using) a stone technology have degenerated: “The current status of the races .

The earth’s ecology was relatively homogeneous. With the Eocene/Oligocene transition, however, ecological stability started to break down, and the world was thrown into the “big chill” (Prothero, 1994). By 25 million years ago, the position and 38 Chapter 2 Evolution of the Miocene Great Apes shape of the continents where beginning to look something like they do today, though North and South America remained separated, the Himalaya and Tibetan plateau had yet to develop, and Africa was still an island continent.

The uplift of the Ethiopian highlands was directly responsible for the formation of a rain-shadow zone because these highlands intercepted the eastward flow of precipitation across the continent. Thus, while western and central Africa continued to receive abundant rainfall, the rift valley systems and East Africa in general (which lay beyond the highlands) were marked by a significant rainfall reduction (Isaac, 1976; Potts, 1996; Andrews & Humphrey, 1999). , 1989; Cerling, 1992; Potts, 1996). , 1997; Harrison & Rook, 1997; Fleagle, 1999).

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