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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Despite distortions of the bursae and internal organs caused by A. gigas, host feeding seems unaffected, but partial host castration occurs. Circumstan­ tial evidence suggests that A. gigas may be a protandric, sequential hermaphrodite, while its congeners have separate sexes. 92093 04469 asitize echinoderms and anthozoan cnidarians (for reviews see Krviger [1940], Wagin [ 1 9 4 7 ] , and, especially, Wagin [1976]), Most work on the Ascothoracida has been descriptive, and the natural history of only a few species is known in any detail.

_6(2) : 215-306. Milne-Edwards, H. 1857. Zoanthaires. In Histoire Naturelle des Coralliaires ou Polypes Proprement Pits, I_: 221-310. Roret, Paris. Moseley, H. N. 1877. On new forms of Actiniaria dredged in the deep sea; with a description of certain pelagic surface-swimming species. Trans. Linn. , ser. 2, zool. :295-305. Parry, G. 1952. The Actiniaria of New Zealand. A check-list of recorded and new species, a review of the literature, and a key to the commoner forms. 2. Rec. Cant. , 6(2):121-141.

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