Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics by Yi-Kuo Yu, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa (auth.), Michael PDF

By Yi-Kuo Yu, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa (auth.), Michael Lässig, Angelo Valleriani (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540431888

ISBN-13: 9783540431886

ISBN-10: 3540456929

ISBN-13: 9783540456926

This set of lecture notes offers a primary coherent account of a unique point of the residing global that may be referred to as organic details. The booklet offers either a pedagogical and state-of-the paintings roadmap of this speedily evolving region and covers the full box, from details that is encoded within the molecular genetic code to the outline of large-scale evolution of advanced species networks. The publication will turn out invaluable for all those that paintings on the interface of biology, physics and knowledge science.

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Such differences tend to obscure similarities between related sequences. 32 Dannie Durand and Martin Farach-Colton teins, that introns occur at the boundaries of these modules and that proteins share and re¨ use the modules that exons encode. The first evidence that the same exons appear in more than one gene was found in the human low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor gene [35,36]. The LDL receptor gene was shown to share exons with genes for epidermal growth factor, blood clotting factor IX and complementation factor C9.

We will call Pˆ1 [j], . . , Pˆk [j] the jth column of the MSA. The standard interpretation of blanks is that they represent mutations in the form of insertions or M. L¨ assig and A. ): LNP 585, pp. 22–36, 2002. c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2002 Multiple sequence alignment HUMAN RABBIT PIG CHICK MKWVTFISLL MKWVTFISLL --WVTFISLL MKWVTLISFI FLFSSAYSRG FLFSSAYSRG FLFSSAYSRG FLFSSATSRN V--FRRDA-H V--FRREA-H V--FRRDT-Y LQRFARDAEH KSEVAHRFKD KSEIAHRFND KSEIAHRFKD KSEIAHRYND 23 LGEENFKALV VGEEHFIGLV LGEQYFKGLV LKEETFKAVA Fig.

R. S. Johnson: Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1979) 14. H. E. L. Rivest: Introduction to Algorithms (MIT Press/McGraw-Hill, 1990) 15. C. Setubal, J. Meidanis: Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology (PWS Publishing Company, Boston, 1997) 16. R. Taylor: CABIOS 3(2), 81–7 (1987) 17. D. G. J. Gibson: NAR 22(22), 4673–80 (1994) 18. D. Hochbaum: Approximation Algorithms for NP-hard Croblems (PWS Publishing Company, Boston, 1997) 19.

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Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics by Yi-Kuo Yu, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa (auth.), Michael Lässig, Angelo Valleriani (eds.)

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