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During this large and hugely readable inquiry, Robert Wesson proposes an method of evolution that's extra in concord with glossy technology than Darwinism or neoDarwinism. He emphasizes the significance for evolution of internal path and the self-organizing capacities of lifestyles, a view that's greater capable of account for the chaotic nature of the evolutionary procedure and the inherent propensity of advanced dynamic platforms to develop extra advanced with time. Many examples of crops and animals help this concept, and Wesson contains either rigorously documented clinical proof and fascinating anecdotes concerning the extraordinary aberrations in normal selection.Books via Robert Wesson comprise Cosmos and Metacosmos.

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Many things are more like a quartz Page 5 watch: relations between parts are nonmechanical, and disassembling it destroys it. Science often reaches a point where further research and analysis seem unable to provide an answer without new concepts and paradigms. In biology, for example, though much has been learned about the role of sexual reproduction, we do not understand why sex exists or why such a scheme is so general in living nature. The fossil record is filled with minor or major enigmas that cannot be dismissed as due simply to lack of evidence.

The principal method of science is to take things apart, reducing the complex to simpler components reductionism, it is called. By studying the interactions of parts, one achieves Page 3 understanding of more involved phenomena, and facts of one branch of science are made derivable from the results of a more basic science (Ayala 1985, 65-79). This usually implies quantification; to handle things with assurance, one should be able to express them in measurements, and scientists are happiest when writing equations.

115 7 Sociality 121 Social Animals 121 Social Insects 124 Theory of Altruism 127 Social Specialization 135 8 Dynamics of Evolution 138 The Genetic Medley 138 The Problem of Information 142 Attractors in the Genome 144 Variation 150 The Role of Chaos 155 Feedback 157 Summary 170 9 The Power of Attractors 172 Coherence of Pattern 172 Limits of Change 178 Page vii Parallel Evolution 180 The Meaning of Parallelism 189 Evolutionary Inertia 192 10 Evolutionary Change 196 Speciation 196 Molecular Change: Microevolution 201 Structural Change: Neoteny 204 Fixity 206 Radiation 209 Extinction 215 Summary 219 11 Positive Adaptation 222 The Persistence of Lamarckism 222 The Responsive Genome 226 Adaptive Variation 231 Behavioral Adaptation 240 Learning 245 Instinct 248 12 Evolution and Humanity 258 Becoming Human 258 The Evolution of Intelligence 262 Intelligence and Brain 266 The Mind 274 Sociobiology 278 Cultural Evolution 283 13 Conclusions and Perspectives 291 The Autonomy of the Genome 291 The Direction of Evolution 294 The Evolution of Evolution 296 The Anthropic Principle 299 Page viii The Essence of Evolution 304 Moral Meaning of Evolution 307 References 311 Index 341 Page ix Acknowledgments I am deeply indebted to the many people with whom I was able to discuss the manuscript for this book.

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