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By C. W. Watson

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A rethinking of renowned political activities, this publication seems to be at new, rising, mass visions and analyses their effect and strength in new ways.

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Crucially, these experiences were understood as shared. Belief in the universal subordination of women and their international sisterhood was thus, for many, a central tenet of their feminism. This assumption of shared experience was to lead to increasing selfcriticism and fragmentation as over the 1970s and 1980s the movement became aware of difference, at first in terms of sexuality, and then later in terms of race (Mackey 1991:2). The critiques tore at the heart of Western feminism; it was accused of generalising from what were essentially white and middle-class experiences, of ethnocentricity, and of appropriating black women’s voices.

Much of my understanding of the meaning of history and politics and its rival interpretations was forged in Italy: my culinary tastes and habits have been indelibly stamped by Italian cooking; the (secular) godparents of my children are Italians, and I still speak to and see my Italian friends whenever possible, although some relationships have inevitably grown more distant over time. My view of Italian society has also changed: after working in an Italian state university and being exposed to the patronage and clientelism that only later acquired the descriptive neologism of ‘tangentopoli’ (or ‘kick-back city’), I realised why my friends often described employment practices and work relations as the ‘dark side’ of the Italian experience (see Shore 1989).

Anthropological Perspectives, London: Athlone Press. Grimshaw, Anna and Hart, Keith (1995) ‘The Rise and Fall of Scientific Anthropology’, in Ahmed, A. and Shore, C. (eds) The Future of Anthropology: Its Relevance to the Contemporary World, London: Athlone Press, pp. 46–65. Kertzer, David (1980) Comrades and Christians: Religion and Political Struggle in Communist Italy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Kohn, Tamara (1995) ‘She came out of the field and into my home’, in Cohen, A. P. and Rapport, N.

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