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By Caroline Humphrey, Stephen Hugh-Jones

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This e-book matters barter, a transaction within which items are exchanged without delay for each other wit....

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While it is only realistic to expect some degree of mechanistic command-and-control to remain necessary, commentators do seem to agree that what the modern business needs in today’s turbulent and fastmoving markets, is flexibility and adaptability, underpinned by innovative capacity. These, in turn, can only be generated by harnessing the full potential of the organisation’s intangible value – the knowledge embodied in its people, and the capacity for value-generation arising from the creative relationships among them.

This new breed of manager has to be equally aware of and responsive to the diverse needs of individuals and of teams and other groupings, integrating individual competences and agendas into an effective whole, ensuring knowledge and information are accessible and shared in pursuit of the collective vision. Just as businesses are ‘nodes’ in a cybernetic network of industrial and commercial, economic, social and environmental causes and effects, so employees are ‘nodes’ in a cybernetic network of functional, operational, managerial and professional relationships, where value is exchanged and created through effective and sustainable relationships.

It only really becomes important when we try to establish priorities which, of course, in the end, we always need to do. At this stage, however, I am just concerned with trying to encourage the debate. 9 Knowledge Management: Social, Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives I would also like to acknowledge the parallel (and overlapping) contributions of other publications, I have come across recently: Covey, S. R. and Merrill, A. R. (1994) ‘Appendix C: The wisdom literature’, in First Things First, London: Simon and Schuster; pp.

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