Arabic Historical Thought in the Classical Period by Tarif Khalidi PDF

By Tarif Khalidi

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In a piece that surveys a complete culture of ancient proposal and writing throughout a span of eight-hundred years, Tarif Khalidi examines how Arabic-Islamic tradition of the premodern interval seen the prior, the way it recorded it, and the way it sought to reply to the various complicated questions linked to the self-discipline of heritage.

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G. al-Zuhri. These reports depict Zuhri as being at once a writer and a non-writer of traditions. Therefore, the sources are 'bewilderingly inconsistent', p. 66. g. Origen as recorded in Eusebius, History and Hadith 27 however, a close reading of the Hadith literature would unearth evidence in plenty that written materials existed alongside oral transmission from the very beginning and that respect for prodigies of memory did not necessarily exclude resort to writing. It was argued above that the Umayyad state was probably the major sponsor of the written tradition but this does not mean that the Umayyads ushered in the age of writing.

19 In passing on the wisdom of ancestors these scholars believed that they were transmitters rather than creators. But the process of transmission became, as so often in the history of cultures, creation through transmission. Succeeding generations of scholars spoke for their own day and age for which the pious wisdom of the ancestors had to be newly interpreted. In the process, the Hadith made its own distinctive contribution to Islamic culture, was indeed the first Islamic science. The last aspect of Hadith that needs to be examined here is the labyrinthine problem of its authenticity.

94/ 712) and his student al-Zuhri (d. 124/742). They were both from Quraysh and thus aristocrats in the new Umayyad state for which both men represented the type of scholar best suited to bring order and authoritative interpretation to prophetic and early-Islamic materials. Neither can be described as a propagandist for the Umayyads but both had certainly made their peace with the new regime, as many other influential Qurayshites were to do in the course of the first century. Both men possessed in their own lifetime a widely recognized authority which derived at least in part from their being regarded as experts in law by the imperial family.

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