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"The simple differences McInerny introduces, hiscriticisms of Cajetan's De nom inum analogia, the functions hemakes to difficulties resembling that of the character of metaphysics or oflogic, and his wisdom of up to date debates on relatedtopics, make this publication unique".

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13, a. 5, nn. 3 and 4). He goes on to say things of remarkable pith and perception as to what Thomas can mean in the text by saying that such a term as 'wise' said of creatures signifies the perfection of wisdom as distinct from its essence, power, existence, etc. And then he turns to difficulties Scotus raised against the basic argument of the text. As a young professor at Padua, Cajetan occupied the Thomistic chair and was expected to handle objections coming from Scotus and from the holder of the Scotist chair.

This occurs in two ways in naming: either many things have a proportion to one, as 'healthy' is said of medicine and urine insofar as each is ordered to the health of the animal, of which the latter is the sign and the former the cause; or one is proportioned to another, as 'healthy' is said of medicine and animal, insofar as medicine is the cause of the health that is in the animal. And in this way some things are said analogically, and not purely equivocally or univocally, of God and creatures.

Lo As early as the Eudemian Ethics ll , Aristotle had seen focal meaning as a way of handling the different uses of a term like 'medical'. A man is 'medical' if he possesses the art of healing, a knife is medical if it is useful for a man having the art of healing (I236a7-33). 'Medical' is not predicated of the physician and the instrument univocallythere is no single account which serves in the two cases-nor is it equivocal-the dependence of the meaning 'medical' has when said of the instrument on the meaning it has when said of the physician precludes that.

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