Howard Anton; Bernard Kolman's Applied finite mathematics PDF

By Howard Anton; Bernard Kolman

ISBN-10: 0120595656

ISBN-13: 9780120595655

Reasonable and proper purposes from quite a few disciplines aid inspire enterprise and social technological know-how scholars taking a finite arithmetic direction. a versatile corporation permits teachers to tailor the publication to their direction

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S. citizens filing tax returns in returns in Example 28 1974 1974. S. citizens filing tax listing at least Let v = 11, 5, 7}, then V' = {3,9, 11}. Let U be the universal set for a given problem. Find (a) Solution taxable income. u = {1,3,5,7,9, 11} and Example 29 $10,000 (a) (b) U' fZJ'. By definition of complement, U' consists of all elements that are not in U. But every element lies in U, so that U' = fZ). Solution (b) The set fZ)' consists of all elements that are not in has no elements, all elements are outside of fZ); thus fZ).

12 ) . 12 x 54 / 2: COORDINATE SYSTEMS AND GRAPHS It was also shown in Example 7 that the line determined by the points P1 (1, 1 1 ) and P2(4, 5) has slope m = - 2. 13 ) . 14 we have sketched several lines with varying slopes. Observe that lines with positive slope are inclined upward to the right, while lines with negative slope are inclined downward to the right. 2 THE STRAIGHT LINE / 55 Although we shall omit the proof, the following result is evident. Two lines with the same slope are parallel, and conversely parallel lines have the same slope.

B = the set of stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange that have a price-to-earnings ratio of no more than 12. Describe the following set� (a) A' (b) B' (c) (A U B) ' (d) (A n B)'. 4. Let U = the set of all real numbers A = { x I x is a solution of x2 = 1 } B = l - 1 , 2). Find (a) A' (b) B' (c) (A U B) ' (d) ( A n B) '. 5 . Let A = I x J x is an integer satisfying x > 0 } . Specify a universal set and compute A'. 6. S. senators. Specify a universal set and compute D'. 3 COMPLEMENTATION AND CARTESIAN PRODUCT OF SETS / 29 7.

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