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By Andras Sobester, Alexander I J Forrester

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Further, we shall assume symmetry with respect to the ZX (vertical) plane, so we only need to define half-sections. In terms of the flexibility required of a parametric fuselage cross-section geometry, there is a certain point in the design space that one would have to include, come what may: a circle. The basic reasoning behind this stands on structural grounds. For a semi-monocoque fuselage enclosing a pressurized cabin and/or a payload bay, any shape other than a cylinder with hemispherical end-caps is a stress engineering compromise.

13 illustrates this. The Pareto front of this cloud of points (coloured according to the camber of the aerofoils) is the top-left boundary, as we are aiming to maximize thickness and minimize cd . The Pareto optimal, or non-dominated subset of this large set of designs is highlighted by black circles. This set is selected such that any other selection that would lead to an improvement against one objective, would lead to a deterioration against another. The designs highlighted with black circles (we have also plotted the corresponding aerofoil alongside some of them) are therefore all optimal in the Pareto sense and we need another objective or some design constraint to pick the final design.

However, the increase would have been immensely inconvenient if a high-fidelity numerical analysis process (perhaps involving multiple disciplines) had been needed to compute the objective. Also, this geometry now has a blemish: the cusp between the two lobes is nowhere near the cabin floor level – this is likely to be a structurally inefficient solution. We thus reran the search process with the same geometry model, the same objective and the same optimizers, but we have added another hard constraint: the cusp has to line up with the floor beam.

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