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By Hermann von Gottschall

This Elibron Classics ebook is a facsimile reprint of a 1912 version by way of Veit & Comp., Leipzig.

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12 Human behavior is meaningful behavior, and it is in behavior that meaning is rooted. There is an inseparable relationship between the human biological organism bound to a natural environment and the perceiver who enters into the structuring of a world. From the context of organic activity and behavioral environment there emerge irreducible meanings that allow a world of things to come to conscious awareness. Such meanings are irreducible to the contents of science, to physical causal conditions, or to psychological acts and processes, yet they emerge from the biological, when the biological is properly understood, for the content of human perception is inseparable from the structure of human behavior within its natural setting.

Through this distinction he is able to apply analytic statements to matters of fact, while maintaining an independence from matters of fact necessary for their a priori assertion. The “analytic meaning” of Rational Certitude and Pragmatic Experimentalism 33 an expression is constituted by its component parts and their syntax, while the “holophrastic meaning” is the meaning of a whole expression as a unit. ”7 Lewis here means that they are neither elements of meaning that are not separately expressed (such as “rational” and “animal” as elements in the meaning of “man”), nor elements of expressions that have no separate meaning (such as letters of the alphabet).

9 Language serves the positive function of providing precision for our sense meanings, but only by abstracting from a meaning too concrete to be captured by words. Language, by its selective and 36 C. I. Lewis in Focus abstractive nature, makes precise that which “spills over” its verbal containers. Here one can see the supplementary roles of linguistic meaning and sense meaning. Linguistic meaning does allow for more precision, but it is not self-suf¤cient. It can only symbolize sense meaning, not capture it.

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