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68 ASC D 926, DE 927. Guthfrith (who is not mentioned in D) was probably in Dublin when Sihtric died, but rushed to (or at least towards) York: Charles-Edwards, Wales, pp. 521–2. 900–1016’, pp. ’, pp. 59–60; above, p. 26; below, pp. 206–7. 70 ASC D 927. 2 (i, 214): Charles-Edwards, Wales, p. 512. 71 S 400, 403, 407, 412, 413, 416, 417, 418, 418a, 420, 425, 426, 427, 434, 1604, 1792; ASC ABCDE 934; Historia Regum, pp. 93, 124. The Welsh, Cumbrian, and Scottish attestations are set out at Keynes, Atlas, Table XXXVI.

12 Knowledge of the narrative of high politics is not in itself sufficient to explain how the Cerdicings extended their power across Britain, but a general grasp of the succession of kings (depicted in the genealogical diagram in Fig. 1) and the sequence of major events is a prerequisite for an attempt at such an understanding. This requires us to consider the various texts that are traditionally known by the collective (if misleading) name ‘the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’, on which any narrative account of the period has to rely heavily.

6 (p. 54). 36 ASC D 1065. See also ASC C 1065; De obsessione Dunelmi, ed. T. 5, ed. and trans. D. Greenway (Oxford, 1996), p. 18. S 1067, 1160 give slightly earlier references to Yorkshire. 37 Abels, Alfred, pp. 169–257 is a fairly conventional survey, but on the texts commonly ascribed to Alfred see now M. ’, Medium Ævum, 76 (2007), pp. 1–23. 38 Keynes, ‘King Alfred and the Mercians’, pp. 12–45; Charles-Edwards, Wales, pp. 490–1. 42 Following the apparent stability that had lasted for most of the period since 878, Alfred faced a renewed threat in 892, when a viking army crossed from the Continent and landed in Kent: it ranged widely for the next four years, ravaging not only along the south coast but also as far as Chester and north Wales.

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