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By Kathryn Kuhlman

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I asked. "Not suggesting," he said soberly. " I asked. "We don't know," he said, pacing the room at the end of my bed. "We might open you and then have to sew you right back up again. It might be that the tissue has been irreparably torn. " Dr. Etheridge nodded. "Of course," he said. "But you must not wait long. " Neither Jack nor I felt God wanted me to have the operation, so we trusted that there would be no sudden shock to force me back into the hospital. We were wrong. Within weeks from the time I left the hospital my very soul was wrenched from me.

Jack reached over and squeezed my hand, then bowed his head and asked grace. "Lord, I thank you for these fifteen years ... " My mind wandered as he finished his prayer. Was fifteen years with Jack all I would have? Rob could grow up and take care of himself, but who would care for Bruce if I were gone? I tried to enjoy the dinner, but fingers of fear had snatched my appetite. The boys were up from the table, leaving Jack and me alone for a few moments. He was in a hurry to attend a Sunday School teachers' meeting at Flemington Presbyterian Church that night, but I needed to talk.

She was at your clinic this morning ... " There was more talk, but things were becoming fuzzy as the sedative took hold. When they returned Jack bent over me. His eyes were red and swollen. That’s funny, I thought, Jack crying? I must be worse than I think. "Your husband tells me you are a very sensible person," the young doctor said. I tried to grin through the pain. " The doctor smiled slightly and placed his stethoscope against the upper part of my chest. "You have had a heart seizure, Mrs. McDougall.

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